Last Week of February! #NBV3E

Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe that Spring is a month away considering the frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing. Will it ever get warmer? Let’s hope so…  There are only three weeks left until March Break, after all! While we wait for the world to defrost, here’s what’s happening in class for the last week of February.

NBV3E Grade 11 Aboriginal Beliefs & Values students have been talking about identity and world view. Last week, students researched an issue that, depending on world view, had either benefits or drawbacks for Aboriginal people. Examples included mining and forestry operations. Students will need to finish these this week, plus any outstanding work such as the personal identity poster.

We’ll be looking at Trickster stories this week as well as Creation stories. I’m looking forward to students sharing some of their knowledge.

Coyote the Trickster by HyraxAttax
Image from

Following this, we’ll learn about the Medicine Wheel and the Seven Grandfather Teachings, and how they influence beliefs and values of Aboriginal people in our area.

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