Two Weeks ‘Til Christmas Break!

Once again, I have to comment on the ridiculous speed involved with the passing of time. We are already into the second week of December, which means that there are only two weeks of school until the Christmas Break. When we’re back, we only have three weeks of classes and then it’s exam time. Wow. In the case of NAC2O and ALC1O there are no exams – we complete course culminating projects instead – but that doesn’t mean that the time crunch is any less crazy.

Students who are missing work, (and this includes students in both Native Studies and Art) must make arrangements to see me outside of class to get caught up.

This week in NAC2O – Grade 10 Native Studies, we are going to continue talking Land Use. We spent time focusing on some reserves who have successfully used their land to grow their communities. We’ll now talk about those communities who are working hard to protect their land.


Meanwhile, in ALC1O – Grade 9 Visual Art, students are going to get their hands dirty with some sculpting. We will start by experimenting with plaster to create masks. I have high expectations for this group and I’m looking forward to sharing their work here. We have completed the watercolour painting unit and once I’m done providing feedback and assessment on these pieces they will be shared here, too.


So, work hard and enjoy the last two weeks of the 2015 school year. As always, contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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