Only Two More Weeks of Semester One! #NAC2O #ALC1O

It’s true – there are only two more weeks left of the semester. That means it’s time to get cracking, (especially Native Studies students who are missing several assignments) to ensure that you are successful this semester. Here’s a breakdown of what is happening in class for the time that remains:

NAC2O – Grade 10 Native Studies students spent the last week talking about legal issues, including land claims, the development of the Indian Act, and earlier laws like the Royal Proclamation of 1763. There were some notes, (available on the NAC2O – Lessons section of the website) and assignments for this material.

We also watched the film “Six Miles Deep” (available through the National Film Board with a license), which focuses on the role of women in the Caledonia land dispute, and teaches the importance of standing up for what is yours.

This week, students will complete this unit and then be given their Course Culminating Assignment. There is no exam for Native Studies so students will have a total of seven class days to complete this work. Here’s a copy of the tasks:

Download (DOCX, 342KB)

In ALC1O – Grade 9 Art, we did not do printmaking last week. Instead, we focused on developing perspective-drawing skills through various two-point perspective activities. The final assignment, which students will complete in the next two days, has students create a vibrant, interesting city block scene that focuses on various elements and principles of art.


I will include some student samples as soon as I can photograph them!

This week, students will begin the Relief Printmaking project – which will likely be the last studio project of the semester. I’m sad – these students were exceptionally awesome!

Remember to check the Geraldton Composite High School Website for exam information and announcements related to semester two. Also, don’t forget to see me if you need help with any outstanding assignments. Otherwise, have an awesome week! Stay warm!


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