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Hello, everyone! It’s true – Spring is in the air! The days are noticeably longer, the weather is noticeable warmer, and we are noticeably closer to midterms. Just. Like. That. I hope everyone has had a restful March Break. We have two short weeks surrounding the Easter super-long weekend to get stuff done. Here’s the plan:

ENG3U Grade 11 University English: Students have completed reading Frankenstein and will now turn their attention to some culminating activities. These include a literary essay, a unit test, and a viewing of the DeNiro version of the film. Next, we will jump into some short writing, focusing on poetry and short stories. Yay!

ENG4C Grade 12 College English: We are very close to finishing Crow Lake. Some students have struggled to stay caught up with the reading, but we need to press on. If you’re behind, take some time and put forth some effort to get caught up. The novel will finish with a culminating unit project. Afterwards, we will be talking Business Communication/College Writing.

ENG4U Grade 12 University English: As a culminating task for The Great Gatsby, students will view the 2013 version of the film and write a detailed film review. Students will also complete a short unit test. Next up, we will begin our study of Daniel Quinn’s philosophical novel Ishmael. Start reading!

Also, the Independent Study Unit has been prepared and will be distributed to students this week. You can view it by clicking here.

Things will continue to move extremely fast as March melts away into April. Midterms are right around the corner. Please ensure that all work is submitted according to deadlines and that you see me for help if necessary. Otherwise, have a great week!

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