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March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. To be completely honest, I don’t even remember the beginning of the month as everything’s blown by so quickly. I do know that the weather says that there might be some snow this week so we’ll see how lamb-ish the end of the month truly is for Greenstone.


I also know that midterms are fast-approaching and this is a very important time for everyone, especially potential grads. Therefore, please ensure all work is done on time and that you see me if you need help! Here’s the update for this week:

ENG3U – Grade 11 University English students will transition from Frankenstein to short stories this week. Students will write a unit test on Tuesday, work on their essays, and begin studying the form and style of short stories. I have a collection of fifteen great stories, (one for everyone!) and this will lead into a bit of a presentation project.

ENG4C – Grade 12 College English will wrap up Crow Lake this week. I’m a little disappointed that more students didn’t keep up with the reading, though there is still a short opportunity for people to catch up and complete the novel. Students will be completing a review assignment on the novel this week. Next up is a unit on business writing and college preparation.

ENG4U – Grade 12 University English students begin Ishmael this week. We will use the novel as a means to discuss our impact on the world, as well as social issues, the role of the individual and society, and whether or not the world really is in danger from humanity. I’m looking forward to some interesting discussions!

As we get introduced to Ishmael, here are some websites with background information that may have inspired Daniel Quinn to write:


The 1960s – Facts and Summary (

April is right around the corner and the remaining time between now and the end of the semester will go by quickly. Thanks to students who have been working hard on assignments, using feedback to improve their work, and participating in class discussions. It’s been fun so far! Have a great week!

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