Inferencing, Annotating, and Frankensteining in #ENG3U

Now that we have a very good understanding of Romanticism through our research on Romantic Poets, it’s time to really start to dig into Frankenstein. To do this effectively, students need to understand and apply some reading strategies.

We are going to start with inferencing and annotating. Students will practice inferencing skills be looking at and dissecting passages of text. We will use that skill to learn about annotating, so that as students read the novel they will be able to figure out what’s going on and make notes that will be useful for class discussions and assignments.


Students will develop their own high-order thinking questions, based on success criteria we develop in class, to show knowledge and understanding of the novel – but also to facilitate conversations about the novel, which will depend on inferencing and annotating.

I’m looking forward to seeing students’ thinking about the novel.

Students can access the link to the questions by clicking here.

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