Collaboration and Hands-On Learning! #ENG3U #ICS2O

We’ve been busy in English and Computer Science learning a whole lot of great stuff. I appreciate the collaborative nature of each class as they work together to solve problems, develop a better understanding of whatever we’re focusing on, and bringing a lot of liveliness to class. The energy and positivity is contagious.

In ENG3U – Grade 11 English we are diving deep into Frankenstein. We have used some inferencing, predicting, and stream-of-consciousness techniques to really understand the motivations of the main character, Victor. This includes collaborating activities to help share our knowledge of the novel.

I also introduced our first Socratic seminar discussion to the class. This involves students generating their own questions about the text and other students choosing questions to discuss in class. The discussion involves students referencing specific text passages, making connections, and participating – and the result is discussing things I never would have imagined. Hooray for deeper learning. Here are some of the student questions:

Meanwhile, in ICS2O – Grade 10 Computer Science we have spent the first few days of the week focusing on computer hardware. Students developed an understanding of all of the various components of a personal computer, including CPUs, hard drives, input and output devices, memory – and all those components that seem so foreign to so many people.


Students also got to get some hands-on experience by disassembling, cataloging, and reassembling donated personal computer towers. My favourite line: “I feel like I learned so much in 75 minutes.” Awesome. Mission accomplished.

There are only a few classes left until March Break – and a much-deserved break. Looking forward to continuing with our collective awesomeness when we come back. Students (and parents/guardians) can also expect progress reports right after the break. Check out for information on that stuff.



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